We happily welcome you on our website of the RoboCup workgroup and the RoboCup project of the Department of Informatics at the University of Hamburg.
Note: If you happen to speak German, the German version of this site might give you an even better impression.

The RoboCup workgroup participates in the Humanoid Kid Size League since 2012 as team “Hamburg Bit-Bots“. It is organised only by students and a voluntary workgroup that is not part of the official university courses. Due to this fact, the workgroup depends on donors and sponsors to be able to maintain the robots.

The team works at teaching humanoid robots how to play soccer. For this purpose, the workgroup used the DARwIn-OP, which was partly modified for the competitions. Since 2015/2016 we are also working with two self-developed robots the Hambot and Minibot. Since 2017 we are using ROS as software framework.

Video from our “Fanzine” (German) Substanz:

To get an impression of robot soccer, you can view this television report from Schnappfisch TV about us (sorry, only available in German):

On this website we present our current research through text and pictures. In the News we post regularly about our progress, therefore we upload papers, videos and pictures which document our work. For questions and suggestions, you can find our contact address in the legal info.


Hamburg Bit-Bots World Cup 2016 Team (Germany)

World Cup 2014 team picture

Hamburg Bit-Bots World Cup 2014 Team (Brazil)

Hamburg Bit-Bots Iran Open 2014 Team

Hamburg Bit-Bots German Open 2014 Team

Hamburg Bit-Bots WM-Team 2013 in den Niederlanden

Teamfoto mit PokalHamburg Bit-Bots German Open 2013 Team

Hamburg Bit-Bots World Cup 2012 Team

Hamburg Bit-Bots German Open 2012 Team