Currently, we have four robots that were designed by the WF Wolves based on the Nimbro robot and dubbed Wolfgang by us.

The height is approx. 83 cm and the weight 7500g.


The software is mainly running on an Intel Nuc while the vision is running on a Nvidia Jetson TX2 that is especially helpful for the high GPU demands of our neural network based object detection. The devices are connected with a switch.

The camera we use is a Basler ace that provides sharp pictures despite fast head movements.

The servos we use are Dynamixel MX-106 for the legs and MX-64 for the arms and the head.

Additionally, we use an IMU in the torso and four foot pressure sensors in each foot.


Until 2015, we used the Darwin platform. Because of the new demands in the league, we designed two new robots: Hambot and Minibot. These new robots allowed us to walk on the artificial grass for the first time and provided more space for additional hardware. In 2018, we bought two Wolfgangs and used them simultaneously with two Minibots. In 2019, we replaced the remaining Minibots with two new Wolfgangs.