Iran Open 2018: Aftermath

The IranOpens are over and everything is back to normal again. Time for us to look back at the last few weeks and draw some conclusions: Many of our modules have been used for the first time and we could gladly see, that most of them worked even better than we expected them to do under real life circumstances.

Our new vision and walking algorithms perfectly work together with older modules and brought us some very successful plays. We found and removed many huge and tiny mistakes and bugs, that existed undetected for a long time. The exchange with the other teams broadened our horizont, gave us the possibility to discuss human-league problems, inspired us to new ideas and let us make new friends. Last but not least, this years IranOpen was the first chance for three of our members to experience working at a RoboCup competition.

Of course, we also realized what doesn’t work that well yet and we are working on fixing these problems as soon as possible. We are mainly focusing on getting our new robots to work, so that we can run four robots at the same time for the world championship, which draws nearer and nearer. We are looking forward to see our robots score some goals.

All in all the competition was a huge success and lets us confidently work towards the world championship.


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