ITCS 2024 in Hamburg

On Friday, June 21, 2024, the ITCS, a career fair and tech conference, took place in Hamburg. The Bit-Bots were invited to set up a booth and give a presentation, and we gladly accepted.

Our fair booth

Our booth was quickly set up, and the first robot was assembled (we always have to detach the head for transport) and started. It didn’t take long for the first curious visitors to arrive. It quickly became clear that the questions here delved much deeper into the technology. We were all the more pleased to visually demonstrate what our robot can do and to explain the software behind it.

Walking Demo

However, we stood out a bit as exhibitors because we are not a company looking for new talents. Nevertheless, we took the opportunity to do some networking ourselves.

Robots on the right from Energy Robotics (very friendly booth neighbours)

Around 2 PM, things got a bit exciting as it was time to prepare the robots for our presentation. At 2:30 PM, we gave our talk on why playing soccer with robots is beneficial. The quick answer: there is more than one good reason.

Setup of our talk

Here are a few more impressions:


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