Outlook on the 2016 season

The new year is in full swing (Gregorian calendar) or it just began
(Chinese calendar). In any case the new season finally started for us.
We just submitted our applications for the Iran Open (04.-08. April in
Tehran) and the World Cup in Leipzig (30.06.-05.07). For the latter we
obviously hope that we once again qualify, in particular since the
German Open won’t take place this year.
Next to the competitions we have events for the University on our
agenda such as the University Day on February 23th between noon and
3pm at the Department of Chemistry, the Girls day on April 28th as
well as projects with school classes.
Meetings within the team will also take place. At the end of the
Month we plan to meet to discuss our future goals as well as agree on
ways to improve our work within the group.

As a little teaser we have our current application video:



Communication is very important for our team. We often discuss and exchange views. This does not only happen in face to face conversations but with the help of mailing lists, Jabber and Discourse-Forum, too.
Regular exchanges between teams is an aim of the RoboCup-Community. Until now, except for competition times, it had only been possible to communicate via mail or mailing lists (if you wanted to reach several people at once). To change this, we created in consultation with other teams a forum for exchange among each other . We have already created categories and added some content to them.
You are very welcome to register to our forum, in order to ask questions, to comment on posts and to discuss your ideas.
Please do not let yourself be put off by the apparent emptiness of the forum – everything has to start from scratch.


Season preview

It starts again! After many months of preparation, we will start up the new season by attending the Iran Open (06. – 10.) in Teheran. There we are going to make up for the early elimination of the preseason. After a 10-day break, we will aim at winning the German Open in Magdeburg. Afterwards, we will prepare for the world championship in China where we will compete by the middle of July.

There are not only tournaments, but of course lectures will take place, too. And, by the end of the year, we are going to organise the 2nd RoHOW together with the HULKs again.

Additionally, we will release Hambot soon. Hambot is our self-constructed robot and the successor of GOAL. Over the last months, we went to great effort to put the final touches on it.

You see, this season promises to be intensive and interesting!


Magdeburg morning (day 3)

For the reason we can finally make up on our game against the FUmanoids at 11:00 clock that has failed due to network problems yesterday, we’ve been in the hall shortly after 8 clock. The team members work on the latest version, in which many important bug fixes are to be taken with high pressure. Of course, there are a lot of hardware problems to be solved.

Maike is parallel working on a revision of the GameController that had been written for the Standard Platform League and need to be adapted to the rules of the Humanoid Kid Size League.

You can keep your fingers crossed for us tomorrow at 13:00 clock for the first time. The first round-robin game against the WF Wolves will take place then. The Wolves come for the first time with their new robots that they have designed on the model of DARwInOP. We will proceed at 16:00 clock with our second round robin game against the Bold Hearts, who are for the first time in our league and also play with DARwIns. The last round robin game, which is crucial for the opponent at the semi-finals will then be held on Saturday morning against the FUmanoids.


Magdeburg day 2

This morning we stormed punctually the exhibition hall and engrossed a table directly at the field and corridor. Prompt we set up our laptops and monitors and covered our ambience with a meshwork of electric, network and monitor cable. Meanwhile the Word-Wide-Web is also available to us more or less regularly, thanks to a fast placed wire straight through the hall.

Also intranet with an own git-server and documentation, as well as a connection to the robots were quickly set up, to prevent usually very unstable global network.

When the day draws to a close, we slowly engross the whole rest of our table, after it was clear, that no other team needs the space. Our working conditions are as good as they could be in an exhibition hall.

Just now (1 am) the last one finishing their programming work and even the homepage article is as good as done.
Tomorrow we will get up at 7 am and prepare for the competition.



We finally arrived, very tired, but we are here.

Here are 2 small impressions of the flight:

You can plan really everywhere…

A long flight together with the whole team with a wall and notebooks, there you can begin to plan and to fix the bugs. Along the way we explained to the stewardess what we do and what the tasks on the wall means.

Now we’re going to sleep and tomorrow we will take it from there.