Second place in the Brazil Open

This Saturday was a really exciting day for us. It was the day the Brazil Open ended and all the results were officially announced.
We met up online to experience the award ceremony together and slowly the results table got filled in. Since the table filled in from the last place to the first, we got more excited with every slot that got filled that did not include our name.

Before we talk in more detail about the results though, let me recap what the Brazil Open was about. Due to COVID-19 we could not participate in the regular kind of tournament where our robots get to play soccer with each other. Thus the organizers of the Brazil Open had to be creative and to figure out a way how the teams could still compete.

Thus the competition they created consisted of two parts.
One task was to create a 10 minute video where we present ourselves, our robots and our research. You can watch this video here:

The other part of the competition was to detect robots in images. Points were provided in this task for accuracy in detections as well as for the speed of how many images per second we were able to process.
We were given a list of images by the organizers, that we could use to train our system. These images were hosted on the ImageTagger that we have developed.

Now that you know a bit more about the competition, we can now take a look at the results.

The first column are the team names, followed by the robot detection points and the video points.

As you can see, we achieved the shared second place for the robot detection challenge. We used a neural network architecture called YOLOv4-tiny and were able to detect 94% of the robots correctly. We also managed to process 35 images per second. Team RoboFEI was less precise, but managed to beat us in processing speed.

Our video achieved the highest score in the RoboCup Brazil Open for humanoid robots. This brought our total points to 80,875 points.

We are really happy with our results and had a lot of fun in this competition. We want to thank the organizers for hosting this competition and we want to congratulate the ITAndroids on winning it!


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