Bit-Bots win the Brazil Open with a 3:1 win against the World Champion

The Brazil Open is a RoboCup tournament that was hosted online and in simulation. The games were played with almost the same simulation setup that was used in the world cup, where we had successfully reached the third place. To make computation easier, it was decided that the games will only be done with one robot against one robot.

The tournament was setup in a league format where every team played against every other team. We had successfully beaten all but one team, where we were only able to draw the game. The final game for us was going to be against the world champion Starkit, who had won every game in the competition so far. Thus we went into the last game, hoping for a win, but expecting to lose it.

If you want to see the final game for yourself, you can watch it including commentary from us and from Starkit here: