Semi Final

We played against Starkit in the semi final. They had shown an amazing performance in the previous games of the RoboCup and we were very excited to get to play against them. We fixed a few of our bugs last night, but did not make any major changes anymore. As we can not change our strategy in the middle of the game, it had to be rock solid.

We had to have our code uploaded at 12:30 and our game started at 20:30. This gave us a lot of time to just sit there anxiously and wait for the game.

In our earlier game today, we had issues, because it ran longer than we expected and our saved files went over the allowed size, which meant we lost them all. To ensure this could not happen again, we halved the amount of images we record. This could not break anything… right? RIGHT?
Well… it did.
Luckily we ran a test game and noticed it. This could have prevented our robots from moving at all and given a free win to Starkit.

This made us even more anxious about everything and if you were close to us, you probably heard us cheering, when we started moving at the very beginning.

In the beginning of the game Starkit robots immediately passed the ball between each other and managed to outplay us. Initially we managed to defend well against their amazing offense plays, but they were unstoppable.

Our goalie especially decided to do a few questionable moves. They were close to the ball, but decided to not kick the ball away from our goal, but rather run to the goal and try to ensure our safety from there. The Starkit robots didn’t give us enough time and managed to score again.

In another situation our goalie even ran to the enemy half one time to keep the ball further away from our goal. They managed to get past all of the opponents robots, but then decided the ball is safe enough now. They ran back to our goal and gave the Starkit robots the opportunity to score again.

The Starkit robots in the end managed to score seven goals against us. However, our robots didn’t lose their spirits. They did their best to keep up and did manage to get two goals for us.

We are really proud of what our robots managed to achieve. We are also excited to get to play in the third place match tomorrow against the CIT-Brains. If you want to watch it, it will be streamed at 10 here:


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